Farmers’ Harvest Festival中国首次举办全国农民丰收节(中英双语阅读)

    Farmers’ Harvest Festival: China establishes first national festival for farmers


    It’s been said, "no farmers, no food." Well, China is ushering in a new day of observance - the "Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival." It will be observed each year on the day of the autumn equinox and is the first national festival day celebrating farmers and their hard work. CGTN’s reporter has the detail.


    Food is one of life’s greatest necessities. What we put on our tables comes from those who toil away on farms, and in fields.


    HAN CHANGFU MINISTER OF AGRICULTURE AND RURAL AFFAIRS "Farmers represent the majority of the Chinese population. As a solid bedrock for the nation, they have made significant contributions during China’s revolution, development and reform."


    Many countries hold agricultural festivals after harvesting products. And now, Chinese farmers will have a festival they can call their own. China’s Party Central Committee and State Council have declared the annual lunar autumn harvest as the "Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival."


    HAN CHANGFU MINISTER OF AGRICULTURE AND RURAL AFFAIRS "As a way to boost farmers’ pride, happiness and fulfillment, the festival is supposed to effectively eliminate poverty and to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects."


    Experts say China’s rich agricultural history has helped lay a solid foundation for the festival. In four decades of keeping farming records, grain production has remained one of China’s top performers. It has held steady at about 600 million tons for the last five years. The festival will reach beyond farms as well. Farmer cooperatives, new types of family farms, and some leading companies will get recognition thanks to their agricultural contributions. They’re also encouraged to bring new information and management to rural areas, while bringing more agricultural products and rural labor to cities. Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival this year falls on September the 23rd.


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