经典英语美文短文赏析:Seven Secrets to a Great Life非凡人生的七大秘诀(双语阅读)

    英语短文-英语美文-英文短文-英语文章】:A great life is the result of your best effort.非凡的人生源于个人的苦心经营。

    经典英语美文短文赏析:Seven Secrets to a Great Life非凡人生的七大秘诀(双语阅读)

    A great life doesn't happen by accident. A great life is the result of allocating your time, energy, thoughts, and hard work towards what you want your life to be.? Stop setting yourself up for stress and failure, and start setting up your life to support success and ease. A great life is the result of using the 24/7 you get in a creative and thoughtful way, instead of just what comes next. Customize these " secrets" to fit your own needs and style, and start creating your own great life today!

    非凡的人生不是无根之木,无源之水。它需要合理分配自己的时间、精力、心思,为实现自 己的生活目标而努力。走出忧虑和失败,全身心地迎接成功和安逸。不要得过且过,创造性 地好好利用生命中的分分秒秒吧!让我们从今天开始,根据下面的“秘诀”和自身情况,创建属于自己的非凡人生。

    1. S—Simplify. A great life is the result of simplifying your life. People often misinterpret what simplify means. It's not a way to remove work from your life. When you focus on simplifying your life, you free up energy and time for the work that you enjoy and the purpose for which you are here. In order to create a great life, you will have to make room for it in yours first.

    1、化繁为简。非凡的人生源于简单的生活。人们往往误解了简单的含义,即不参加工作。 当生活真正简化,你就会有时间和精力从事喜欢的工作,并为之奋斗。创建非凡的人生,首 先要有自己的空间。

    2. E—Effort. A great life is the result of your best effort. Creating a great life requires that you make some adjustments. It may mean reevaluating how you spend your time, or choosing to spend your money in a different way. It may mean looking for new ways to spend your energy that coincide with your particular definition of a great life. Life will reward your best effort.

    2、不懈努力。非凡的人生源于个人的苦心经营。这可能需要重新分配时间,或调整理财方 式:用新的方式把精力投向能引领非凡人生的地方去。有付出就会有回报。

    3. C—Create Priorities. A great life is the result of creating priorities. It's easy to spend your days just responding to the next thing that gets your attention, instead of intentionally using the time, energy and money you have in a way that's important to you. Focus on removing the obstacles that get in the way of you making sure you are honoring your priorities.

    3、分清主次。非凡的人生源于分清主次。不要被琐碎的事所吸引,而撇开重要之事,不然, 时间、精力和金钱便会浪费。要想达到目的,就要善于梳理头绪,扫清障碍,分清轻重缓急。

    4. R—Reserves. A great life is the result of having reserves—reserves of things, time, space, energy, money. With reserves, you acquire far more than you need-not 6 months living expenses, but 5 years worth; not 15 minutes of free time, 1 day. Reserves are important because they reduce the fear of consequences, and that allows you to make decisions based on what you really want instead of what the fear decides for you.

    4、有备无患。非凡的人生源于懂得储存--储存物品、时间、空间、精力和金钱。那样,获 得就会远远多于所期望的--就会得到五年的生活费,而不是六个月的;一整天的闲暇时间, 而不是 15 分钟。储存能减少顾虑,从而使决定不受限制,思想不会犹豫。

    5. E—Eliminate distractions. A great life is the result of eliminating distractions. Up to 75% of your mental energy can be tied up in things that draining and distracting you. Eliminating distractions can be a difficult concept to many people, since they haven't really considered that there is another way to live. Look around at someone's life you admire. What do they do that you would like to incorporate into your own life ? Ask them how they did it. Find ways to free up mental energy for things that are more important to you.

    5、专心致志。非凡的人生源于专注。做事三心二意,会耗费一个人75%以上的精力。很多人不知道如何清除杂念,因为他们从未想过换种方式生活。看看周围那些令你羡慕的人的生 活吧!看自己能从他们身上学到些什么?向他们请教,寻求专注的方式,把精力集中到真正重要的事情上。

    6. T—Thoughts. A great life is the result of controlling your thoughts so that you accept and allow for the possibility that it actually can happen to you! belief in the outcome will directly dictate how successful you are. Motivated people have specific goals and look for ways to achieve them. Believing there is a solution to the same old problems you encounter year after year is vitally important creating a life that you love.

    6、坚定信念。非凡的人生源于信心十足。信心直接决定胜负成败。有动力的人目标明确, 并会想尽一切办法去实现。生活中会反复遇到很多问题,相信这些问题终会解决,是创造美好生活的关键。

    7. S—Start. A great life is the result of starting. There's the old saying everyone's familiar with “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” In order to even move from the couch to the refrigerator, you have to start. There’s no better time to start than today. Don't wait for a raise, or until the kids get older or the weather is better. Today, right now, is the right day to start to take a step in the direction of your heart's desires. It's what you do TODAY that will make a difference in your life tomorrow.

    7、立刻行动。非凡人生源于行动。有句大家熟悉的古谚,“千里之行始于足下”。即使再小的事情,诸如从沙发走到冰箱前,也需要亲自行动。从今天开始行动吧,不要再找借口,说 等涨工资了,等孩子长大了,或者等天气好了再说吧。从今天开始,去努力实现心中的梦想, 这是最好的时机。只有这样,才能开创美好的明天。