Life is an ever-evolving tapestry of lessons, growth and expansion and when you are truly tuned into the messages along the way, you find your life transforms in ways you never thought possible. The following Universal Truths are just that, truths that have the ability to change your life for the better regardless of where you are, where you've been, or what challenges you are facing. So read, embrace, and allow them to transform your life in beautiful ways.


    1. Following your heart IS your life purpose. Finding your life purpose can often feel like trying to locate the Holy Grail, but the truth is it's not as hard as you think. Simply put, following your heart and doing what you love is your life purpose and when you live in that way, life just keeps getting better and better. Follow your heart, do what you love, and I promise life will grow, evolve, and become more incredible than you ever thought possible.

    1. 追随内心就是你的人生目标。寻找人生目标经常就像寻找圣杯在哪里一样麻烦,但事实上这没有你想象的那么难。追随内心、做自己喜欢的事就是你的人生目标。当你用这种方式生活时,你的人生就会变得越来越美好。追随你的内心,做自己喜欢的事,我保证你的人生会成长、进化,变得更加妙不可言,超乎你的想象。

    2. (Inspired) Action is everything. As logical thinkers and problem solvers, we've been taught that the best way to achieve our desires is to set a goal, create a plan and take massive action. In my experience that is certainly one way to do it, but it's not the best way. The best way is to listen to your heart, be open to the possibilities, and take action on the inspired ideas that you are given each and every day. You'll find when you do that, you will reach your goals faster than ever before.

    2. 有想法的行动就是一切。我们懂得逻辑思考,懂得如何解决问题。我们学过,要获得自己想要的东西,最好的方法是设立一个目标、制定一个计划,然后积极地行动起来。在我的经验里,这确实是个方法,但不是最好的方法。最好的方法是听从自己的内心,迎接各种可能性,每天一有想法就马上行动。当你这么做的时候,你会发现你会比过去更快达到自己的目标。

    3. Letting go is the answer. Too often we spend our time keeping score of what isn't working, what's not manifesting, and what's just going wrong in our lives and that only keeps us stuck. When you let go of the outcome, the struggle, and the constant worry about when, how, or if your desires will manifest and trust the process, you make room for the magic of the Universe to bring in your every desire. As Queen Elsa said "Let it go!"

    3. 放手就是答案。我们总是花太很多时间去在意那些没有意义、鸡毛蒜皮的事和那些在我们生活中完全出错、让我们痛苦不堪的事。当你不再在意结果,不再挣扎,不再日夜担忧你的愿望什么时候会实现、怎样实现、是否会实现,相信过程,你就腾出了空间,宇宙的魔法就能把你想要的都带来。就像爱莎女王说的那样:“随它吧!”

    4. Your heart knows more than your head so listen to it. We often have a tendency to overthink life and end up making it more difficult than it needs to be. Living from your head as opposed to your heart, invites fear, logic, and endless analysis to stop you from doing things that will radically transform your life. Tune into your heart and let it be your guide, I promise you won't be sorry you did.

    4. 你的心比你的头脑知道得更多,所以照着内心说的做吧。我们经常会什么事都想太多,最终把人生变得更加复杂,其实人生本不该复杂。与跟从内心相反,听从大脑而活,是让恐惧、逻辑和无尽的分析来阻止自己去做颠覆生活的事。还是聆听你的内心吧,让它成为你的向导,我保证你不会后悔。

    5. Fear is a fuc*ing liar. The number one thing that stops most people from living a life of fulfillment and joy is fear. Fear of failure, success and fear of the unknown, but the truth is fear is a fuc*ing liar. It's designed to keep you safe when in reality it just keeps you playing small. Don't let fear be the reason you don't take the leap forward and create a life you love. Feel the fear, make friends with it, and move forward anyway.

    5. 恐惧他X的就是个骗子。阻碍大部分人过上快乐美满生活的头号杀手就是恐惧。惧怕失败,成功后又惧怕未知,恐惧实际上就他X的是个骗子。恐惧是设计来保护你的,但在现实里,恐惧只会让你难成大事。不要让恐惧成为你不敢迈步向前的理由,不要让它阻止你创造自己喜欢的生活。感受恐惧,和它交朋友,然后勇往直前吧。

    6. You are enough. Second only to fear, feeling not good enough is another way you may be holding yourself back from the life you truly desire. Regardless of what you want to do, you must know that you are good enough and capable enough to do what is needed to succeed. It may take some learning, support, and help from others, but when you trust that you are not only good enough, but worthy too there's nothing you can't accomplish.

    6. 你已经足够优秀了。仅次于恐惧、阻碍你拥有理想人生的另一种因素就是觉得自己不够优秀。不管你想做什么,你必须知道你已经足够优秀、有足够的能力去做成功路上所需的所有事。你可能需要学习、需要他人的支持和帮助,但当你相信自己不仅足够优秀而且值得这么优秀的时候,世界上就没有什么你是做不成的了。

    7. Be happy first. The belief that when you finally get there (wherever that is) you will be happy is a misunderstanding of how life works. Being happy where you are with what you have is the way you will bring more joy, abundance, and love into your life. Like attracts like and when you are living in a state of joy where you are now, you bring in more opportunities to continually feel joy. Simple, but true.

    7. 首先要高兴。如果你以为到达终点的时候(不管那是哪里)你才会高兴的话,那你就误会快乐的本质了。对此时此地你所拥有的一切感到快乐,这样就能给你带来更多快乐,让你拥有更多,使你爱上你的生活。爱会吸引爱,如果你此时此地是活在快乐中的,你就能得到更多延续快乐的机会。道理很简单,但都是真的。

    8. You are more powerful than you know. Most people don't realize how much control and power they truly have over their lives. Every single day you get to choose how you experience life and what thoughts you think. Your thoughts shape your reality and allow you to manifest and create a life that you will absolutely fall head over heels in love with. If that's not power, I don't know what is.

    8. 你比你想象的更有力量。大多数人都不知道自己对自己的人生有多大的掌控力。每一天你都能选择如何体验生活,选择自己的想法。你的想法塑造了你的现实,还让你可以发现、创造一个自己想要的人生,一个让你爱得神魂颠倒的人生。如果这都不是力量,那我不知道什么才算是力量了。

    9. There is no better time to begin than now. You can make a bunch of excuses about why starting when you have more experience, money, or time is better, but the truth is your time is now. No matter what dream, aspiration, or desire you have, you will never have more time in your life to bring those desires to fruition. Do your future self a favor, drop the excuses and start now.

    9. 现在就是开始的最佳时机。你可以找一堆借口,说为什么不等到你更有经验、更有钱、时机更好的时候再开始呢?但事实上现在就是你的时机。不


    10. The magic of life lies just outside your comfort zone. Doing the things that scare and excite you at the same time are exactly the things that will shift your life in incredible ways. Be willing to step outside your comfort zone and stretch yourself a bit. When you do that, you will find strength you never thought you had and you will accomplish things you never thought possible.

    10. 生活的魔力就在你的舒适区之外。做那些让你既害怕又兴奋的事会意想不到地改变你的生活。要乐于走出舒适区,伸展筋骨,活动活动。当你这么做的时候,你会发现自己拥有强大的力量,这种力量是你以前想都没想过的,哪怕是你过去从不相信自己可以做到的事,你都可以做到。

    11. Your beliefs create your life. What you believe about yourself, the world, and anything else is directly related to how you experience life. If you aren't happy with how things are going for you right this moment, start with your beliefs. When you shift your mindset and what you believe, you have the power to transform any situation for the better.

    11. 你的信念创造你的人生。你对自己、对世界、对其他事物的信念直接影响到你对生活的体验。如果你对生活的现状不满意,从自己的信念开始改变吧。当你改变了你的思维模式和信念,你就拥有了改善任何状况的力量。